These rules apply to all members of the Salem Pilots Association and include, by reference, all rules and regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration FAR’s and the Airman’s Information Manual (AIM). These rules are in addition to those of the FAR’s and AIM. SAFETY and COURTESY are the primary concerns of these flight rules. Members not complying with the Flight Rules of the Salem Pilots Association shall be grounded until the Board of Directors has reviewed the infraction and taken appropriate action.

PILOTS: Only qualified club members or club-approved Certified Flight Instructors giving instruction to club members are allowed to act as pilot in command of club aircraft. Club aircraft are not to be used to provide instruction to non-members except that the board may authorize limited instruction to flying spouses/companions.

NO “FOR PROFIT” FLIGHTS: Salem Pilots Association aircraft are to be used primarily for pleasure flying. Occasional job-related travel is permitted but shall not be a member’s primary use of the aircraft. Specifically prohibited is any use for which other than a private pilot certificate is required.



Aircraft must be reserved via the club website or phone service prior to flight. The reservation must include the pilot’s name and the time and date of departure and the time and date of expected return. The destination of all overnight flights must be recorded on the website or posted in the club hangar, and pilots are encouraged to post the destination of all flights.

All reservations are void 30 minutes after the listed time of departure if the member does not arrive at the hangar to take the aircraft by that time. Another member may then reserve and take the airplane. As a matter of courtesy, as soon as a pilot realizes their return to SLE will be more than 30 minutes beyond the end of their reserved time, they should notify a board member. If a delayed return will overlap with the expected departure of the next member, the pilot should attempt to contact that member. Members are expected to cancel their reservation promptly if they decide not to fly.Reservations for longer than five calendar days must have prior approval of the Board. The Board may require payment of an average of three hours of flight time per day for such use.


Extended flight is a planned flight of more than 100 nautical miles from SLE, or beyond the crest of the Cascade Range, whichever is shorter. Extended flight must be done under a filed flight plan or under flight following.

Intended landings are to be made only at airports shown on a current Sectional Chart.



Prior to acting as pilot-in-command in a club aircraft, a new member is required to complete an initial aircraft check out flight in that club aircraft with a club-approved CFI. The duration of the flight and activities during the flight will be at the instructor’s discretion. The CFI shall make an entry into the member’s logbook indicating that the member is qualified to act as pilot-in-command in that aircraft. The flight should also be noted in the comments section of the tach slip completed for the flight. The purpose of this check out flight is to familiarize new members with the aircraft, satisfy insurance requirements, and demonstrate proficiency.

One hour of flight instruction on maneuvering an airplane solely by reference to instruments is required before acting as PIC in club aircraft on extended flights, and before solo cross-country flight by a student pilot. This instrument flight instruction is a requirement for private pilot certification under 14 CFR 61.109(a)(3).




Each member is required to complete an SPA flight review in a club aircraft with a clubapproved CFI every 12 calendar months unless that member has accumulated at least 6 tach hours in a club aircraft within the preceding 12 calendar months. The traditional FAA “biennial flight review” defined in 14 CFR 61.56, or a completed phase of the FAA Pilot Proficiency Program (aka WINGS program) including flight, will continue to satisfy the requirement of the SPA flight review. If a member has not accumulated at least 6 tach hours in a club aircraft within the preceding 12 calendar months they will be required to complete an SPA flight review to continue to act as PIC in a club aircraft. If a member completes an SPA flight review the flight shall be a minimum of one-half hour in length and its subject matter determined by the CFI. A Suggested SPA Flight Flight Review Activities document is located on the club website. If flown in a club aircraft, the flight should be noted in the comments section of the tach slip completed for the flight. The flight review is valid for all club aircraft through the end of the same month of the following year. An FAA flight review conducted under 14 CFR 61.56 is considered to meet this requirement.


Upon the slightest doubt about the airworthiness of an aircraft, the member noting the condition must “ground” the aircraft, immediately notify the Maintenance Officer or other Board member and send an email to the club membership regarding the grounding of the aircraft. “Grounding” is done by making a notation on the message board in the hangar and leaving a conspicuous note in the pilot seat of the aircraft. The maintenance officer or board member may also post a notice on the club website and/or email club members. At the end of a flight, add fuel to the aircraft if the tanks are less than half full.


At the end of a flight, remove bugs from the lead edges, cowling, struts, and windshield.